The father son team of Michael and Ea Eckerman make up Eckerman Studios - A multi-media blend of art.


EA Eckerman

Ea Eckerman grew up on O’ahu’s North Shore and spent much of his childhood in the outdoors.  After receiving an art degree in sculpture from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1993, Ea has dedicated his life to the creative process.  He now splits his time between California and Hawaii, creating paintings and sculptures that are grounded in nature with an eye for the abstract.


Michael Eckerman

Michael Eckerman is a stonemason and artist whose creative nature has led him away from traditional design. For forty years, he has successfully incorporated fluid movement into the stonework of his fireplaces, garden hardscapes, water features, light sculptures, and the canine form (dogs). It is the blending of traditional and free-form style that makes his work unique.